The Apostle Peter, also known as Saint Peter, Shimon "Keipha" Ben-Yonah/Bar-Yonah, Simon Peter, Cephas and Keipha—original name Shimon or Simeon (Acts 15:14)—was one of the Twelve Apostles whom Jesus chose as his original disciples. His life is prominently featured in the New Testament Gospels and the Acts of the Apostles. Peter was a Galilean fisherman assigned a leadership role by Jesus (Matthew 16:18; John 21:15–16). Many within the early Church, such as St. Irenaeus[1], allege, assert, or argue for his primacy among the apostles.

The ancient Christian Churches, Roman Catholic Church, Eastern Orthodox, Oriental Orthodox and Anglican Communion, consider Simon Peter a saint and associate him with the foundation of the Church.

As time passes for the families of omalloor also want a church as they want to travel several miles to attend the Holy Mass in early time. Considering the hardships of the believers and members associated the founders of the church started the planning and thus the church by the name of St:Peter established.

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  • St: Peter's Jacobite Syrian Church omalloor,
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  • Sunday:- 8:30am